Name: Sandra Rose Twang

Age: 56 years
Work: i work in the health care industry
High School: John Jay High School “1973
College: SUNY New Waltz
Current City: New Berlin, New York
My message:
All aspects of my place in the world, every human being on this planet holds the principles of humanity
The Palestinian people oppressed and needs of his right to life andright to work and to show its smart in dealing with the world that the Palestinian fight for their right to this land
Aspects of love, peace and respect for my sister captive: Hana – byShelby on hunger strike for their right to know the cause of her arrestand the need to appeal to the U.S. President to create a solutionand the abolition of administrative detention and to stop dealing with terrorism in Israel and its army
I go on a hunger strike in solidarity with the ongoing sister HanaShelby and I hope to talk to her and tell her that I was standing with her now in her problem


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