Sandra: On the sixth day of hunger strike in solidarity with the Palestinian captive / Hana Al-Shalabi

  • March 27, 2012

    My name is Sandra Twang. I am a 56 year old mother and grandmother. I have been educating myself about the Palestine for several years . What I have found takes place on the ground breaks my heart. I have come to love the Palestinian people with all my heart. Their incredible steadfastness, a word that I learned from a friend in Ni’lin , West Bank, has been such and inspiration to me. Over the two years , of reading and in a sense witnessing from a distance , my grief for them has grown unbearable. Much of this grief is in response to what I feel is the international communities refusal to stand up for international and human rights law. I feel as if I am watching a slaughter of a people both physically and emotionally and the governments of the world remain silent.

    A few weeks ago, in my readings, I read of a young Palestinian woman who is in an Israeli prison being held in what is called administrative detention. Her name is Hana Shalabi. I read that she was on a hunger strike to protest this illegal processing. I immediately connected with her spiritually. It was if she was my sister. As I read of her brave protest, I felt an intense need to join with her in this effort. As I read of her fast and the days passed and her physical condition became more and more serious my heart cried out for her because once again the world was not hearing the voice of a people who are suffering under one of the most severe and longest occupations in history . It is this silence that I hope to challenge with my hunger-strike. To join in her voice, to make it louder so loud that the world will no longer be able to be deaf. 

    I am in day 6 of my hunger-strike. I am in my home , while Hana lies dying in Hasharon Prison in Israel.

    This is a plea from me to all international organizations, governments, and citizens of the world to heed Hana’s cry for help for her people. I will continue my open hunger-strike in solidarity with Hana and my prayers are that the world will hear her voice . 

    In Solidarity with the Palestinian People

    Sandra Rose Twang


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