American citizen declares hunger strike in solidarity with prisoner / Hana Shalby

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sandy picture

Announced that the U.S. citizenship of nationality “Sandra RoseTuang” 56 years from the state of New York they started all the openhunger strike for three days in solidarity with the Palestinian prisonerHana Al-Shalabi, that enter the 38-day hunger strike in protest against the administrative detention.
Tuang and published via the social networking site “Facebook”
Mission, which addresses the U.S. President Barack Obama andappealed to him the need to intervene and put a radical solution to the issue of Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of the occupation.
Tuang explained in its letter that it had learned of the Palestinian cause only two years ago, and it Taatadmn with the Palestinians, in all their cases and work its utmost to reach a peaceful solution to the issue of Palestine and the return of usurped rights.
It also appealed to the U.S. Citizenship Tuang the entire world andhuman rights institutions to intervene to stand up and look in the case of Shelby, and that the world should do something before it happens to them any harm.


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